Carpet cleaning and laundry services in Kemijärvi

Carpet cleaning is a demanding and strenuous procedure. Don’t hurt your back, instead use time wisely and bring your carpets to us. We can also clean delicate rugs (such as wool and pile rugs). Oriental rugs are sent to and cleaned by Viiden Tähden Mattohuolto.

We deliver across Lapland.

We clean:

  • Carpets and rugs
  • Linen, beddings and other home textiles
  • Food industry workwear
  • Ball gowns and wedding dresses
  • Professional workwear
  • Mattress covers (with or without filling)
  • etc.

If you have questions, please get in touch here and we will get back soon! You can also call us.


Home textiles:
Linen 3,80 €/kg
- 20–50 kg -10%
- 50 kg and more -20%
Machine-washable rugs: 3,80 €/kg
Delicate rugs                                  
> Wider than 1 m from 12.50 €/m2 12,50 €/m2
< Narrower than 1 m, with rubber grip    8,80 €/m2
Other home textiles:
Duvets 10,40 €/item
Pillows 3,70 €/item
Mattress covers 10,40 €/item
- + filling 18,00 €/item
Double mattress cover 18,00 €/item
- + filling 29,00 €/item
Bedspread 10,40 €/item
Double bedspread 18,00 €/item
Ironed bedspread 29,00 €/item
Skirted sheets 16,00 €/item, request a quote
Curtains from 6,65 €/item
Rental textiles:
White tablecloth  4 persons 5,50 €/item, 6 persons 6,50 €/item
Linen sets 8 €/set, request a quote
Cleaning of workwear and overalls:
Cleaning of overalls 4,10 €/item
Overall jacket / trousers 3,70 €/item
Cleaning of quilted overalls 7.50 €/item
Quilted jackets / trousers 6,20 €/item
Working overalls with fur trim 9,80 €/item
Goretex garments from 13,90 €/item

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Kemijärven pesula
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Kemijärven pesula

Kemijärven pesula

Kemijärven pesula

Kemijärven pesula
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