Kemijärven Pesuyhtymä Oy

Kemijärven Pesuyhtymä Oy is a full-service laundry in Kemijärvi. We clean rugs, carpets, clothes, suits and rent linen for your summer cabin. We deliver cleaned items across Lapland. Get in touch and ask more.

Laundry open on weekdays               Mon-Thu 7am – 3pm, Fri 7am – 2pm

Kemijärven Pesuyhtymä Oy

Varastotie 18

Tel. +358 440 525 440+358 440 765 203

Tuula Lehtola +358 440 525 440         

Jarmo Aho +358 440 765 203     

Varastotie 18, KEMIJÄRVI

Get in touch and ask more

Not sure if we can handle your textiles? Worried about transport? Whatever the question, please get in touch. Or just say hello or leave feedback.

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