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Full-service laundry nearby in Kemijärvi

Kemijärven Pesuyhtymä Oy is an all-round laundry service operating in Kemijärvi. We are delighted to serve households, businesses, institutions and private individuals.

We also treat smoke and water damaged textiles with special chemicals and methods.

Our services are diverse: bring in linen, carpets, ball gowns, workwear from suits to overalls, or anything else! We use modern cleaning products and methods.

Services for households

Home textiles
We wash and iron standard linen and beddings. Bed textiles like duvets, mattress covers and pillows are best washed twice a year, and regular domestic washing machines are not powerful enough for this job. We clean rugs and carpets in a washing machine or with a special flat-cleaning carpet cleaner depending on the material.

Services for businesses

We collect, look after, wash, iron and deliver back all company textiles - linen, beddings, curtains, rugs and carpets. We also wash hospitality and industrial fabrics with water and chemicals as necessary (grease stain removal from workwear, kitchen fabrics etc.). Request a quote.

Textile rental
New from our laundry. We rent out linen. Make  use of our high quality beddings and towels. Request a quote.

Cleaning of workwear
We clean workwear from overalls to jackets and trousers, winter and summer garments, white or coloured. Request a quote.

Other services
Transport is not a problem and we deliver across Lapland. We also rent Hagerty spray extraction cleaners. Top quality detergents and special protective cleaning agents for various textiles available from our shop.

More information from Services and Pricing.

Kemijärvi Business of the year 2013

Our aim is to provide top quality professional services. As a recognition of our work, we were awarded the title of Kemijärvi business of the year 2013.

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